Dashboard boolean toggle/set buttons send TRUE vs "TRUE"

I have 2 ‘exact’ set button/toggle combination dashboard blocks doing the same function but for 2 different kind of actions, as you can see below. I even have the same ‘naming convention’, same device action but 2 different boolean attributes, of course. Still, one renders a payload msg with a boolean true or 1 (alert_tamper), the other the a string ‘true’ (alert_batt), which of course in the case of the string ‘true’ version fails the condition node (because ‘true’ is NOT equal to value 1) :arrow_heading_down:

I had no choice but to have one workflow condition node set to …value == 1, the other to …value === “true” . I’m trying to figure out why the different type of value for this two ‘identical’ actions. As always, thanks. :red_circle:

Hi @Jose_Cruz,

This behavior does seem inconsistent, and I am testing it currently. I will get back to you shortly with more information!

My first suspicion would be the quotes around “{{alert_batt_all}}” and “{{alert_tamper_all}}.” However, since there is not much of a difference between the two payloads, the problem is not evident yet. I will explore this further and get back to you shortly with a solution and explanation.


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@:woman_mage:! Thank you! :red_circle:

@JuliaKempf :woman_mage:, I did some :mag:into this and, as it turns out, you were right (again) it seems the culprit might be the " "s , see below :arrow_heading_down:

I’ll keep looking into it, it still doesn’t explain why, but at least now I know why the ‘inconsistencies’. If you guys find a better explanation, let me know,
Thank you! :red_circle: