Math node and display result on gauge


I’m doing a difference between two payload values( value4 - value3) using the math node.
I got that difference as dif.
The payload is displaying this value but it cannot be displayed on the gauge block.
On the device, dif is set as a string.

As it can be seen, the values value0 to value8 are correctly displayed.
According to the payload dif es a number.
Which can be a workaround for this ?
Thank you


Hi @Tron7,

The number will be cast as a string automatically when you update the state. However, it looks as though the state of your dif attribute is never being set. You will need to use your Device State Node to update the dif value in order to see it in a Gauge Block, like so:

Let me know how else I can help,


Thanks Julia
It does work !!!

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