Retrieve value from slider


Hi There
I’m planing to use Particle Electron as device. In the dashboard I need among others gadgets, a slider
which operate like a temperature thermostat setting.
I mean, I need to retrieve the value of the slider and be able to compare it with a a sensor reading in the photon code.
Also the possibility to detect the event "slider value has changed " from the dashboard user.
Are those features possibles ?


Hello Alejandro. I’m also a Particle/Losant user.

IMO per device configuration-like details such as a TSTAT setpoint etc. are best handled by device tags, which are easily accessed by Math nodes etc for incorporation into your workflow calculations. Though the Device Update node does support changing the value of such a tag when an Input Control’s virtual button trigger is activated, the Input Controls do not currently support initialization via device tag. More here …


Thank for your answer. I did not decide if I gonna use Losant yet.!
I’m just following the University Courses.


Hi WoobaGooba
I just started with this platform.
I am able to send data to Losant but yet I am struggling to get the slider value.
I understand that the slider should send the set value to the Broker but I do not find the way to set a variable
for the slider.
Can you expand your explanation about device tag?
Thank you in advance.