Convert CSV to Excel

Hi there,
would love to have a node that given a CSV file or a CSV string can convert to Excel format.
I am looking into this:

but I don’t think is possible to integrate into a function right?

Not in a cloud-based workflow, no. You can do it in Edge Workflows, however.

This falls in line with your previous question / request on adding Excel support to workflows, though that was about reading XLS files and this request is about writing one. I’ll add a +1 to that.

If your use case allows it, you could maybe create the file as part of a notebook execution. If there is a particular Python library you’d need to do that, just let us know and we can package that module up as a new image.

Yes that is correct this is for writing.
In terms of python notebooks I could achieve it via pandas and one of the engines:
I think would be beneficial to add both to the image:
Write engine to use, ‘openpyxl’ or ‘xlsxwriter’.

openpyxl is already in our notebook images.

I can file a feature request to get xlsxwriter added if you need it; it’s much quicker and easier to add that library to the notebook image than it is to build Excel support into the workflow engine. Let me know if openpyxl can’t accomplish your use case.

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For now that would suffice, I think most people will benefit also from a JS node with Excel support.