Python node for Workflows

Hi there,
I believe having a python node will be beneficial to most data scientists using Losant even with a vanilla python environment such as version 3 and version 2.
I use on a daily basis Node-Red so I learned Node.JS by necessity but since you own your stack it will be fantastic to have such capability.

Hey @Paolo_Proxy,

As you’ve noticed, we don’t have a python node in the Workflow Engine, but we do have Notebooks which allow you to do batch processing of data with Jupyter notebooks.

So, while we don’t have the ability to write raw python in the workflow editor as we do with JavaScript, you can write a Jupyter Notebook to process data and generate reports and trigger them with a workflow using the Notebook Trigger and the Notebook: Execute Node.

I’ll touch base with our engineering team about a raw python node and keep you updated with their response on the Python Node.


Yes I know I can do it with notebooks as a temporary solution but is cumbersome.
A Python Node will be fantastic, probably most people will want to have a Python 2.7 and a Python 3.9 version.