Running Python Based Calls on Losant Cloud in Workflow

Hi Losant Team, I have a standard Python based SDK from a third party cloud I want to integrate with (about dozen of simple Python scripts making calls to third-party RESTful API, processing data and generating output). I’d like to undestand if I can run it somehow on Losant Cloud Workflows using existing nodes without refactoring the code. FYI. I am aware about javascript/function nodes, HTTP nodes, and Run Executive nodes on Edge Agents, but it does not seem to be what I need. Thank you


Currently, there is not a way to move the Python code to use it in a workflow, but I will create a feature request for this functionality.

This may not be what you are looking to do, but if you’d like to visualize and use the output data, you could would be to run the Python and send the output data to Losant, which is where the integration would happen. To accomplish this you would find or create a wrapper for the SDK to send data to Losant. Then you would create a workflow with a Trigger Node for the specified protocol, such as a Webhook or HTTP Trigger Node.

Hopefully this helps,