Excel file read

Has anyone done reading an excel file via HTTP request node in the workflow to get data as a JSON string? please post the code snippet that can help. Appreciated.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to move the HTTP request and Excel parsing to an AWS Lambda function. You can then use the Lambda Node to invoke the function, which can then return the contents of the Excel file back to the workflow for further processing.

I’ve actually done this exact thing before and had good success with the xlsx module to do the Excel parsing.

In the absence of AWA credentials, can’t this be done using javascript function node using XMLHttpRequest call. But, doing so, I get error as XMLHttpRequest not defined

The function node provides a very limited JavaScript sandbox. This is due to security reasons and that your code is being run in our infrastructure. The function node also cannot import other modules, so using the xlsx module will not be possible.

Unfortunately, parsing an Excel file with only a workflow is not possible at this time. Lambda or Google Cloud Functions are our recommended approaches.

Can I use this:

in a custom Node function?

No, we do not allow for the import of modules into cloud-based workflows for security purposes. We do allow it in Function Nodes in Edge Workflows, however.

If you can let us know what specifically you are trying to do, we may be able to turn that into a feature request - as, for example, an expansion of the capabilities of the CSV: Decode Node.

Yes ideally a node that provided a file url for the Excel file:

  • list all tabs
  • for each tab list the cells-columns range
  • fetch specific cell range and column range from a tab

We can avoid all cell properties, formulas, macros for now just the content.

This will be a great start.