GCP Storage Get : Node for file over 5MB

I have a requirement to read file from Google cloud for which I am using GCP Storage Get Node with result Type “Get File Content”, but it is giving error (file size exceeds 5MB). Though the same file I am able to upload using GCP Storage Put Node.
Can someone assist here?


Hi @jignesh_shah and welcome to the Losant forums!

Do you mind sharing some details on what you’re doing with this file in the workflow? Depending on your needs, you may be able to use the GCP Function Node to read and return whatever is needed from the file back into the workflow.

Thanks @Sebastian_Turner

we are creating excel File from device data & then Importing it via powerBI API to create dataset, but when file is over 5MB HTTP Node is not working so tried storing that file to GCP & from there trying to read file content to give input to powerBI API.
but facing same issue. Please advise if any alternate to GCP.

Thanks for the additional details. Without seeing your exact workflow, here are a few possible solutions to consider:

  • Remove any no-longer-needed data from the payload prior to the HTTP Node (the original data used to generate the CSV)

  • Write the CSV to a file and provide a URL to PowerBI instead of an encoded CSV string

  • Write to a file and provide the URL as an argument in the GCP Function Node, and have GCP do the download / sending to PowerBI

If none of these will work, do you mind exporting your workflow and DM’ing me the .flow file? That will allow us to give more specific suggestions.