Convert XML file to JSON

How to convert xml data like this into JSON in losant workflow?

Thank you!

We have an HTML/XML Parser Node, which should do exactly what you’re asking for. Have you tried that already?

yes i did… it didnt work for the data structure

how to parse using selector template? i already read and tried using the css selector

i am trying to use javascript function to convert it now…

Attached is a workflow I put together that fetches your XML document and parses it into a JSON structure. I’ve also included a screenshot of the debug log showing the conversion to a JSON format.

I don’t know what data you’re trying to target in this document but you should be able to traverse this tree and find the payload path to the data you’re seeking. You could also potentially use a CSS selector to limit what is parsed.

xml-parse-develop.flow (2.4 KB)


thanks so much