Payload data into JSON format

Wanting to show some of my data on an Experiences Page, I tried some different workflows and easily managed to do it. However, I don’t think I have successfully shown the data in the adequate JSON format.
Using the “JSON Encode” Node, the data was stored in a payload (pageData.jsonFormat). In a pretty basic test page, I simply used:

and the result seems to be correctly formated:

But I can’t use this payload data in my scripts, and even the JSON viewer extension doesn’t really recognize the data.

I’m sorry if that’s too simple of a question, but how do I correctly convert my page data into Javascript?

It looks like your data, while resembling an object, is actually in the form of a string, which would explain why you cannot access the properties beneath it.

There may be other options to fix this in your workflow, but a quick way would be a JSON: Decode Node to parse that string as an object and put that back on the payload at the same path.