Cannot subscribe with MQTT QoS 1


Losant documentation ( indicates that QoS 2 is not supported, implying that QoS 1 is.

When I subscribe to a topic using node-red with QoS set to 1 the received messages indicate that they are sent as QoS 0. This is replicated when troubleshooting using MQTT.fx .

Am I mistaken that subscribing with QoS 1 is supported, or is there something else that I am missing?

Any advise appreciated,


Apologies for the confusion. QoS 1 is only available for publishing. We’ll update the documentation to clarify that.


Thanks for clarifying Brandon.

Is there any intent to implement QoS 1 for subscriptions? It seems quite central to ensuring reliable communication with a range of distributed devices with disparate connectivity.

The embedded MQTT service was one of the attractions of the Losant platform; it would be disappointing to have to integrate with an external MQTT server.


I submitted a ticket to investigate supporting QoS 1 for client subscriptions. In the meantime, if you require the functionality, we do have an MQTT integration that will allow you to use a third party MQTT broker while using Losant for additional functionality.


Thanks Brandon; I look forward to hearing how it goes.