Bravado-client-generator is not working

bravado-client-generator is not working

I do the entire procedure according to the documentation, however, it doesn’t work and it doesn’t pass the tests either.

Hey @lucasbtsuchiya,

Would you mind providing another screenshot that shows the errors beneath the final results?

It looks like the slashes in your API routes are backwards:

\user\auth instead of /user/auth.

In JavaScript, strings like \uXXXX are interpreted as unicode, so \user is trying to be converted to a unicode character, which results in the error.

Correct, @Brandon_Cannaday
I did the generation with linux and some errors were fixed. However, it still has problems:

Are you running the tests from this repo on your own client?

If so, those tests will only work on because that’s the URL being mocked as part of the test. Since your API URL is not being mocked, it’s attempting to make real requests to your API endpoint. You will have to modify the tests appropriately.

Okay, even so when I add the API and replace it in the old version, it doesn’t work. I also changed the URL to perform the tests and it still doesn’t work.

I encourage you to continue investigating, but I have no other immediate recommendations. Bravado is open source and the client it generates is open source. I would recommend inspecting the client source code to identify the source of the errors you’re receiving.

I understand. I did the analysis on the code and did not identify the problem. I believe it is the generation of the API with the bravado that is in trouble. We already had problems with synchronization in the previous version, some functions do not work correctly.