Bootstrap Version 5.x

Hi - I was looking in the posts for anyone that was using Bootstrap V5.x, but did not find any references to this version. I see that the documentation refers to V4.x, but was wondering if there are known issues using V5.x, or that you just have not tested or converted to V5.x? Any feedback would be great before we start using V5 features.

Hi Stephen, I use Bootstrap 5 in my application.
I didn’t have many problems migrating, but maybe that’s because I migrated early on in the application build. I had to change just a few utilities, eg font-weight-bold to fw-bold, stuff like that.

Take a look at this bootstrap page, where breaking changes are detailed:

Migrating to v5 · Bootstrap v5.2 (

Thanks for the feedback - good to know.

You are correct, the components in the Template Library are based on Bootstrap 4. For the most part, Bootstrap 4 syntax works pretty well inside Bootstrap 5. Like @Igo_Monteiro mentioned, there might be minor changes required, but all the components in the library can be edited after they’re imported if you find issues. The components, by design, aren’t doing anything special with Bootstrap. If edits are required, they should be straightforward.

We are working towards new templates that are developed in Bootstrap 5, so this is a direction we’re moving towards.

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