Architecture Templates

Do you have standard architecture templates to follow for vertical industry applications ? Like IoT Solution for Buildings, Agriculture IoT solutions, Healthcare IoT, public safety IoT, Industrial monitoring iot. Any case studies for above solutions mentioned…

Hey @Chandu_Poloju,

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We do have Application Templates that do cover a few of the verticals you listed (Huddle Room Monitor, Industrial Equipment Monitor, etc.).

Is there something that these Application Templates don’t have that you’re looking for?

For case studies, I would recommend that you check out the Case Studies on our website. Is there anything here that is missing that you would like to see?

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Hi @Heath
Thanks for your quick response…

Actually we are looking for architectural guidance for Agricultural IoT solutions, Farm & ranch monitoring…
Multi-tenancy architecture to configure for multiple customers, sites, users, organisations

@Chandu_Poloju I recommend you watch our Deeper Dive on constructing a multitenant application within Losant. It does not speak to agriculture specifically but the application structure should apply in your use case as well.

If you have any questions after watching the webinar, feel free to reach out.

Thank you @Dylan_Schuster