Amount of data being transferred over wifi

Does Losant keep a count of amount of data being transferred through MQTT by device?

If so how do I access this info by device?

I have two IOT devices deployed at the same location that required me to use a 4G to WiFi router. I just looked at the bill for data transfer and it over 500 megabytes for a one month period. I was told by our programmer that we should only use a megabyte or so per month per device.

Is there a white paper on data transfer from losant?

I know that Losant does not dictate the amount of data being transferred I’m just hoping Losant has some tools to help understand and manage data transfer. For instance, how would I find out the amount of data being sent back and forth for the various communications that my device does with losant?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi @Dave_Blaylock !

There’s a great feature request in here to increase visibility of the data going to and from devices. I’ll file a feature request and see what we can do.

In the meantime, what are the names of the two devices in question? If you’d prefer, you can DM them to me.

The two devices are called

Latus Pro 34th Floor
Latus Pro 33rd Floor

Thank you

Dave Blaylock

We do have a Device: Payload Counts (device.payloadCounts) API endpoint that returns the payload count (messages) for a given device over a specified period. You can make an API request to that endpoint or use a Losant API Node to return this data in a workflow. While this won’t give you the amount of data that’s been transmitted, it might help you determine if more messages are being received from a particular device than expected.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any data usage information for devices. As I mentioned, we’ve filed a feature request to make such information available in the future. I’ll return to this thread with any updates - thanks for bringing this to our attention!