Send data to Device

Good afternoon, my question is about, how many MB of data can i send to device using the API block Device: Send State?

If you are referring to the Device: State Node, the maximum is 256KB as noted in the documentation.

i am referring to Losant API, maximum MB of data, can i send to Device, using Device:Send State using Losant API block?

Each individual state report can be a maximum of 256KB, just like what is accepted in the workflow node. When using the API endpoint, you can batch-report multiple state objects in one request. There is no overall limit on the size of the request, so long as each individual object in the array is under 256KB.

@Gabriel_Guitarrari looks like I was wrong about this …

There is indeed a limit on the size of the request: the body must be no more than 256KB. That is true whether you are reporting state for a single timestamp, or an array of timestamps.

So, when reporting state, that could be up to 256KB for one timestamp, or 256 timestamps each of 1KB, or any combination in between.

Sorry for the incorrect information.

I get it, thanks for the reply.