Alphabetical arrangement on the experience


I have an experience where a customer can log in and see a list of their devices on the left side of the scree. This was an import of one of the templates from a while back. In the machine list i would like to list the devices in alphabetical order. I am not strong on the html coding side but i know how to navigate around so any help would be appreciated.

Here is how the experience looks now:

Here is the component that i THINK i need to update to make this work:

That looks like it’s probably the right component. I see the template is looping over pageData.selectedGroup.devices, which looks like an array of device objects.

I recommend changing the workflow to sort that array instead of changing anything in this template. You can do this by adding an Array Node to your workflow and using the Sort By operator. Since it looks like you want the list sorted by the friendlyName tag, you’ll need to set the Value Path to tags.friendlyName.[0].