Select first 'tag' option regardless of order

This one should be an easy one for you guys:

What would be the correct variable syntax below in place of the static [4] tag that matches the condition regardless of tag/options’ order (as sensType will not always be the #4 option)?

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Hi @Jose_Cruz,

Given that you have no two tags with the same name, we have an option for this using the Device: Get Node. It’s called “Return tags as an object map instead of an array” and will allow you to reference this tag as:


More info:

Happy to answer more :slight_smile:

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I jumped the :gun: too quickly and replied before reading thoroughly :face_with_monocle: - my mistake.

Yes, the “ Return tags as an object map instead of an array ” did the trick:

Thank you Sir :fox_face: ! :red_circle: