Ability to bypass the default behavior of the "banner" in organizations


I’m implementing a flow for notifying organizations that have exceeded the monthly configured payload limit.

To do this, I would use the recently launched feature of banners in organizations, which allows displaying a customized message to the organization’s users.

However, I encountered the following situation: If I disable the payloads by setting “disabledAt” to the current date, the following message is displayed:


If I configure it to disable within a week, another message is shown, overriding the message configured in the banner.


Thus, the banner is only displayed with the customized message if the “disableAt” is more than a week from the current moment.

In this case, I would like to display a customized message in the banner, alerting about the blockage due to payload consumption and providing contact information, something like: “This organization has been blocked because it has reached the monthly limit ({{org.payload}}) of payload usage. Please contact us for further information.”

Therefore, it would be beneficial to have the option to display a customized message, if configured in the banner, overriding the default message shown when an organization is about to be blocked or is already blocked.


Thanks for the information @Vander_Maziero! It probably does make sense for custom messages to override any of the default system messages. I’ll submit a ticket to investigate the options.

@Vander_Maziero we made this adjustment as you suggested. With yesterday’s platform update, instance organization banners will now override the default system banners - with the exception of platform outage notifications. Thanks for the suggestion.

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