Indicator Block option with 'No Data'

Greetings. It is my understanding that, if no condition set on the Indicator Block Conditions is met/true, then the default color and label will be shown:
Yet, and since there’s no data available in the last 30 days (aka no device has been ‘heard’ of in the last 30 days for this block), instead of the default condition I get a ‘No data’ instead of the (in this example) ‘Last MSG’ display message:
Any idea on how to best fix this issue? I tried condition ==null or ==blank, to no avail. Thanks, :red_circle:

This is a good corner case. I can’t think of a great workaround other than perhaps a daily workflow timer placing data on a third attribute. This will ensure data always exists and you can create a condition for times when {{value-0}} and {{value-1}} do not exist.

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Funny enough I’m already doing this thru daily ‘supervisory messages’ for things such as ‘battery’ or ‘tamper’:
will have to do the same for non supv messages like events & thresholds. Thx, :red_circle: