"a few seconds ago" when no data reported

I’ve noticed that if I have an attribute defined for a dashboard gauge, and there has not yet been any data reported against that attribute the gauge will correctly report “n/a” however it continually says “a few seconds ago”.

I believe this is an incorrect or misleading indicator.

Hi @paul_wareham,

That time label is there to show that the N/A value is current, and was refreshed just seconds ago, but that there is still no data for the device. This is helpful when setting a dashboard start and end time, or having long dashboard refresh times. The block is displaying that no data was available before “a few seconds ago” for that attribute.


Hi Julia,

That makes sense in isolation, but when its being displayed alongside other gauges that are reporting real data “2 hours ago”, then its causing our customers to be very confused. The problem is that its not consistent. On some gauges, it will say “2 hours ago” because no new data has become available. On gauges with no data history yet, it will say “a few seconds” ago, but in this case its the same as other gauges in that no new data has become available. But yet they are labelled differently.

See my point?

I would like it would be better for a gauge with no data history to remain silent about when it was last updated, which was never. or say “Never updated” instead.

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