Guage shows invalid time

Our gauge is showing an invalid time for one of our devices. We use the same dashboard for all our devices and this is one of the few that is exhibiting this issue.

We use “time as the specified payload path”:
I confirmed that the timestamp at that path is valid. We also save the timestamp at that path as an attribute.

Looking for guidance on how I can troubleshoot further.

Are you using the {{formatDate}} helper in the Label field of your Gauge block? If so, that helper evaluates epoch time in milliseconds (13 digits). If you pass it an epoch time in seconds (10 digits), the date looks something very much like what you’re seeing.

If that isn’t the case, please let me know what value you have in the Label field of your Gauge so we can troubleshoot further.

Actually our issue, nothing on Losant side.

Didn’t realize it was a label we controlled; missed that. We populate that label using an attribute Update_Time, but that attribute didn’t get updated for all states.

We recently changed the aggregation from mean to last state. So maybe mean was masking the fact that the Update_Time attribute was not being reported for all states.

We do following for the label: {{formatDate (multiply ctx.Update_Time 1000) }}