Workflow Storage vs Data Table


I was wondering about the important les can havel between Workflow Storage and Data Tables, in terms of the use cases. I realize that Data Table can have many columns and Storage is just a key/value pair, and that Data Tables are accessible via the standard api. But I was wondering about what would influence the choices to use one or the other based on various use cases?

P.S. We also have Global Application variables which seems a lot like Workflow Storage as well.


We originally built out the data table feature because we found that, for almost all complex solutions built on top of our platform, our users were having to spin up a separate storage service somewhere else. This feature was intended to remove that requirement and provide everything our users need to build their solutions within the Losant ecosystem.

While you can use data tables to store meta information about workflow runs, that was not the primary reason we built the feature. We haven’t seen too many cases where our users couldn’t accomplish what they wanted within a workflow without using globals and workflow storage.