Work with workflow storage/global variables in the dashboard


I would like to generate a operating time counter and other stuff, for this I store the sum of the hours in the workflow and add up gradually, so they still available after lost connection. Now I would like to use these variables also in the dashboard. How can I visualize workflow storage variables in the dashboard? And what about workflow global variables, how do I have to configure it, so that I can use these variables in the dashboard.


There is not currently a direct method for doing what you’re asking for here – though we’re getting more and more requests for these type of features, so we may add this in the future.

A workaround would be to create a device and set its attributes to the values you wish to use in your dashboard. You can do this in your workflow runs using a Device State node.


Many thanks for the quick reply, it works fine.


Hello, is there any progress on this topic? I’m interested in doing something similar … any additional recommendations?

Thank you!



For the time counter, with an attribute on your device to hold the summed time value, you could implement a Losant API node and get the last two device states. Then with a math node, compare the times of those two and add that to your device attribute.

There has not been any advancement on workflow globals also being accessible within dashboards, but I will give it to our devs as a feature request. For now, Dylan’s solution above is the most direct solution.