[Solved] Update a variable across the workflows


I am trying to modify a global variable.
Basically my use case is the following:
Cleaning must be done by 9am in general but sometimes it changes so on the dashboard, the user can update the value to another time. I have a workflow that manages this data but I am not sure to store it so I can use a second workflow where I am checking every 1hr if it is the right time to check if the cleaning was done.
The condition is basically
Every hour
if check currentTime > cleaningTime (defined in the first workflow)
do stuff


The easiest thing would be …

  1. Combine your two workflows into one, assuming they’re in the same application. Even if they’re completely independent sets of functionality, you can have both node paths contained within the same workflow and they never have to connect to each other. If you already have both workflows built, you can export one and import it into the other.
  2. Now, you can use the Set Storage and Get Storage nodes to communicate between the two.

Please let me know if this solves your use case!


yes this work around works fine!