Inputting a time variable from dashboard to trigger workflow

Hey, my question is going to be a bit confusing but I want to know if this is possible. If I want to create a block in the dashboard thats going to take my input (a time input) and use that time to trigger another workflow by making a comparison. would that be possible?

to better explain it, if i input the time as 5/27/20 1:05PM and then convert that to unix time to be used in another workflow that is going to take a bunch of data from my API which includes a time variable and because i only want the data that comes AFTER 1:05 PM (hence why i have to input it, or if theres another way to do this, please let me know). I basically want all the data from 1:05PM onward, and then ill be querying that data. but is there a better way to do this? or is it even possible to type something into a dashboard block that can be used by a workflow?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Elisa_Cui,

Just one quick clarification question. When you input your time (for example, 5/27/20 1:05PM), is that time value in the past?
Adding to the example you created above: if it is 4:00pm and you triggered your dashboard, you are hoping to query your API for data between 1:05pm and 4:00pm, correct?

Thanks so much!

I actually just finished building everything but you can let me know if my logic makes sense or not. So i built 2 separate workflows:

First Workflow: Recording Now Time
-hit virtual button, i used the Time nodes to keep track of the time NOW in unix miliseconds AND the formatted time
-it stores this in a data table with optional fields so that way i can use the data table in the next workflow

Second Workflow: Pulling Data from API + Time Calculation
-hit virtual button, grabs data table from previous workflow
-loop: grabs new data from API, inserts into table
-another loop: gets the new data table with ALL the information (time from first workflow, time now, etc) and does a timediff calculation
-and then it does other stuff

for clarification: startTime and timeNow are from the first workflow, which got inserted into this table.
all other values got inserted via the second workflow via “update rows” and i used the “get rows” node for all the other stuff

and i got this output, which i believe is correct but feel free to correct me.

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Could you give a little more background as to the problem you’re trying to solve? Now that you’ve calculated these values and stored them into a Data Table, what do you plan do do with this data?