Workflow for alarm ranges

If I have several devices, each with 20 attributes.
Some are common , some are not.
If I were to check when all these attributes go outside ranges, for alarms,e.t.c, am I better off using one “Range check” workflow for all devices and have range values stored in a table by attribute name, or what do you suggest?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

For the number of attributes you will be checking, I would recommend one workflow, as it tends to be more organized and also may prove beneficial when creating your “common” attribute workflows. I do think the Data Table would be a good solution for storing your ranges, but it will be more difficult to use if you are intending to do comparisons in the dashboard. If that functionality is important to your use case, I would recommend device tags, which can be utilized for expressions in the dashboard through context variables.

If you intend to do comparisons exclusively in the workflow, you could also consider Workflow Storage, which has the same functionality as Data Tables but is only accessible within the specified workflow.

Overall, a Data Table may be ideal depending on your use case, especially since the Data Table workflow nodes will allow you to query multiple columns at once.

Let me know if I can answer any further questions.