When import workflow that was exported to a different app - errors are not reported

Note: App 1 and App 2 are clones of each other.

  1. I export a workflow from app 1 to file.
  2. I import this exported workflow into app 2.

It imports fine and seems like all is OK except that some blocks are in a “bad” state. I think these blocks need to be marked with errors to let the user know they need to fix them. For example the Table: Get Rows block has an invalid Table Id template field. App 2 has different uuids for the tables even though it’s cloned from app 1 so I understand why the fields need to change.

I also noticed if I click on any of my (javascript) function blocks the “Save & Deploy” button would turn green indicating I made changes even though I did not, I just clicked on the block.

Thanks for the report. A couple different issues going on here, both of which we are aware of -

  1. We only run validation on workflow nodes when the node is being edited - not on import. So pulling all of that validation up a level is something we can do to improve that.
  2. Some - but not all - workflow nodes will flip the workflow into a “dirty” (edited) state, even if no property of the node actually changed. These are items we have to hunt down one at a time and, while we’ve addressed some of them, there are obviously a handful of cases still out there.

Thanks again, and we’ll let you know when we have updates on these.