Webhook too long for server

Is it possible to trim the length of a webhook ?

I’m trying to connect to an external source and they have a 80 char limit , Losant seems to insist on 81 characters. Can I generate one with less characters ?



Yes, Experience Endpoints function just like Webhooks. The core difference is, with Experience Endpoints, you get to control the domain. It’s commonly used to expose custom APIs and web pages from Losant.

Fox, thanks again for your help.

I’ve never worked with the endpoints before , can you walk me thru setting one up for my domain ?

I tried using “GET” https://mycustomdomain.com/webhook_baby! ( for example) and get an error

When you create your Experience, you’ll get a domain like this:


That’s what we call a slug URL. If you want a custom domain, you should check out these docs:

But the best way overall to make an Endpoint is to use the Wizard:

It sets things up for you :sunglasses:


I’ve tried my “slug” and my custom domain address and both “failed to create endpoint”.



Can you provide more info? What’s failing? Can you include a screenshot?


results in

Yes, please use the Endpoint Wizard to make your endpoint :wink: