Unable to create POST Endpoints

I’m having issues creating a POST method inside the Endpoint Experiences.

I’ve following this documentation:

I’m able to create a GET endpoint and connected to the workflow where it provides the dummy response back but as soon as I change it to POST and attempt to POST to it I get:


"error": "No endpoint found for route"


If I keep it as a GET endpoint I am able to use any method to the endpoint but the workflow registers it as a GET.

Would appreciate any insight on this. I do have it as a PUBLIC Endpoint for testing since it doesn’t think it exists anyways.

Hi @Sara_Melo,

Welcome to the Losant Forums! Just a few basic questions to begin debugging, have you created the Experience Endpoint and is it set up with a POST method? If so, is the Endpoint enabled? Is the Endpoint Node in the workflow configured for the POST method (example below)?

Thanks so much,

Hi @JuliaKempf ,
Thanks for the response.
It is enabled, and attached to the workflow as your image shows. If I change it to a GET, I do get a response so I know the workflow is setup properly. It just always responds with error if I try to create anything but GET methods.

Hi @Sara_Melo,

Could you possibly provide your application ID and workflow ID? I will message you privately, but this way I can look further and deduce whether or where the problem lies in Losant.


Hi @JuliaKempf,
I messaged you the link. Thanks for the help.