Waste Management

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Sequel to my learning process to become expert in IoT Technology using Losant platform, I have been for some time now, going through the documentations and walk throughs.

This time waste management system using losant and iotify. I tried using the empty button to empty the trash cans but it’s not binding. Since am using the online Network Simulator (not my Arduino IDE), I couldn’t figure out how to bind it this time, like we did previously with the Arduino IDE.

When I looked at my individual action button (using the edit tab) on the losant dashboard, I noticed it was not attended to in the walk through, the payload is virtually empty, only the default statement, which isn’t applicable to the task at hand.

Could this be the cause? If yes, I need help.

I just don’t want to start fiddling with things yet until am sure of what am doing.

Also to add up, I choose this walk through because I want to understand properly the gps Block so that I can fix my “Transist Weather Station”.

Anticipating your kind response.


Hi @Sunday_Ajiroghene,

I want to be sure I understand your use case before suggesting steps forward. It sounds like you are hoping to send a command with a payload to your device from an Input Control Block, but are looking for some assistance on how to do so. Is that correct? And if so, is your device currently connected to Losant?

Also, could you point me to which walkthrough you are following? :smile:


@JuliaKempf I can say yes am trying to send a control button command, which should empty a virtual device populated by a Javascript template in the iotify network simulator. While so, the bar chat block in the losant platform should be seen emptied.

Find below the url to the walk through


Many thanks for responding.

Hello @JuliaKempf, any luck for me?

Hi @Sunday_Ajiroghene,

This walkthrough is a bit older and was not written by Losant, so I am not familiar with it. However, I believe there needs to be some code on a device or virtual device to handle the “emptying” of the trash can. There is a way to simulate this only in Losant with a virtual Losant device, but it sounds as though IoTify is handling some state reporting, is that correct?


@JuliaKempf indeed there is a code for emptying the device in the Nsim template but losant platform is not responding to it.

You mean it can be simulated in losant :100: , then show me please.

The iotify has some data display but not robust as their aim is not for display purposes but for creation of virtual iot device and simulation.

Which way do I go from here?

Hi @Sunday_Ajiroghene,

There is a walkthrough here on simulating data in a workflow, this is likely how you would get your virtual trash cans to fill. You could have the levels rise over time by reporting the device’s last state and adding to it on a timer.

Instead of triggering a device command with your input block, you would trigger a workflow:

This workflow would empty your virtual device, returning it to a level of 0 whenever the button is pressed. You could do this for each trash can:

Then, on your dashboard, you will be able to see the levels of the device go to 0 on your bar chart.

Let me know how else I can help!

Many thanks @JuliaKempf, I am currently looking into it

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