Losant Dashboard problem


I cannot see the outcome of the Waste management in IOTIFY. I connect all the devices and run the simulation in IOTIFY using the broker.losant.com and the device’s ID as described but I cannot see anything on the dashboard. Does anyone have an idea why it is happening?


The first thing I would check would be to make sure the IOTIFY simulated devices actually sending data to Losant when you run the simulation. Easiest way to check that would be to watch the Communication Log in the Losant application you created while you run the IOTIFY simulation. The log should populate with connection and state messages.


It connects for a while and then it closes the connection and nothing is shown on the dashboard. When i run test script in Losant it works correctly according to the values that I put. Do I need any special settings like keep alive time in Iotify?