URLs without https break SMS node?

I have a workflow that occasionally sends me an alert via the SMS node. The message body contains some text and a payload value like {{data.timestamp}}, and then a dashboard URL for an easy click to more info.

When I decided to swap the Losant URL to one shortened with Bitly, the SMSs stopped arriving. After some troubleshooting, it seems that changing the Bitly URL from http to https made it work again.

I wanted to see if others had noticed this, or could validate it. Perhaps the https requirement was intentional by the Losant team? I didn’t see anything about it in the SMS or email documentation pages.

Hi @ADB2,

I am not aware of any requirement that would stop your SMS Node from sending if you included a link with http:// in the body. I would recommend doing some debugging on this, I would like to make sure the error is coming from the http and not caused by throttling.

To debug, I would recommend using a Mutate Node to put both addresses (http and https) on the payload (example: {{data.http}} and {{data.https}}). Then, in your SMS Node, I would try both values, switching between them in the body, and see where the error occurs. If the messages won’t send when {{data.http}} is in the body, then there is likely a problem with the http://.


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