Unable to get any data through TTN webhook


Dealing with a noob here, so please be gentle. I did find a similar topic, but unfortunately, the guy managed to get the webhook running right away.

I, however, cant seem to make it work. I have copied the URL of the webhook:

Enabled the workflow:

Defined my device, which I built myself (but still need to define parsing):

Please help, I am obviously a …

Thank you.

Also the device works in TTN, have my own formatter…


Finally it started working, it is a complete mistery why or how, but I get now messages.

Hi @IgorP and welcome to the Losant Forums!

First, my apologies for us not getting back to you on this sooner. We are investigating why your original post slipped through.

Glad to hear things are working now, and if you uncover the mystery of why it was not working before but is now, please let us know as I’m sure that will be valuable to our other users, too.

I did take a look in your workflow after you posted this and, while you will be receiving requests to your webhook and triggering your workflow, I do not think your Device State Node will record the values to your device attributes correctly.

Based on what you are doing in the Function Node above this …

  • The value of your battery attribute should just be {{battery}}
  • The value of your humidity attribute should just be {{humidity}}
  • The value of your temperature attribute should just be {{temperature}}

However, that Function Node is just moving some values around, so alternatively you could remove it and change your Device State Node so that …

  • The value of your battery attribute would be {{data.body.uplink_message.decoded_payload.battery}}
  • The value of your humidity attribute would be {{data.body.uplink_message.decoded_payload.humidity}}
  • The value of your temperature attribute would be {{data.body.uplink_message.decoded_payload.temperature}}

We have some excellent documentation on referencing payload values, and there are tools built into the workflow editor to also help you find the paths to values on the payload from debug messages - such as our Template Tester. As a pro tip, you can also right-click the name of any property in a debug message to copy its full path to your clipboard for use in a node editor.

Hopefully this helps. Once again, welcome to Losant!


many thanks for the warm welcome.

I will have to do some reading, otherwise I will not be able to get my dashboard running. I believe I made a bit of a mess.