Can't seem to simply 'update' payload values weekly

Need help. I’m trying to Get the Last Reported specific attributes’ Values from multiple devices’ payloads and simply re-set, update on same payload path “data.message.temp_min”, for example, every week so that regardless of activity the last known state of these attributes gets ‘re-set’ every 7 days ; I’ve tried many different ways from forum topics and documentation and quite frankly haven’t been able to make it :

I’m successfully getting the values with the Device: Get node but can’t seem to be able to copy/update these last ‘set’ attributes (set_tehu, humd_min, humd_max, temp_min, temp_max) with the Timer: Node current time of execution (aka the weekly ‘run’). Just in case, and as an added FYI, the reason behind it is that these values are ‘internally’ set via dashboard, not from Sensor, so they may not be changed in a month - in which case will be lost with the standard monthly/scheduled data ‘archiving’. Thanks, :red_circle:

Hi @Jose_Cruz,

I just want to ensure I understand your question, it sounds as though you are hoping to report an entry from the dashboard as device state, but please let me know if I am incorrect. If you want to “update” these values, you could use a Device State Node and reference the payload path for the dashboard-input values. Using the Device State Node would result in these attributes being “reset” every seven days with the Timer Node.

Let me know if I have interpreted this incorrectly, or if you would like an example. :smile::red_circle:


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@JuliaKempf (aka the Losant Magician :woman_mage: ), yes you are correct. We’re setting these values from dashboard as device state and we just want to ‘update’ the same last known values on each payload every 7 days. Let me check the Device State Node you mentioned (I tried almost every other node except that one) and I’ll get back to you - thank you for the :flashlight: in the dark! :red_circle: [UPDATE - I did try setting it with the Dev State Node but I call it something else :laughing:, I will keep trying today and get back to you - :red_circle:]

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Ok :woman_mage: @JuliaKempf, I got it. I had to go a different route after realizing I’m already ‘querying’ these ‘set dashboard thresholds’ every single hour/time the temp/humd sensors report in and validate them against the current temp/humd value to see if they’re above/below the above mentioned dashboard thresholds and, thus, send an alarm. I only inserted an additional Device State Node as you mentioned in the ‘chain’ and now the last known dashboard ‘set’ values update every time there’s a new sensor temp/humd reading (in this case every hour) - voilá :mage: