Trigger Report Generation From Workflow


Is it possible to trigger report generation from an event trigger in a workflow? If not what would be the best way to achieve this?


Hi @Alexander_Farley,

Just a quick question, what is it you are looking to report? This may not be applicable for your use case, but if the data is available within the workflow, you could send an email with a report attachment. A walkthrough on emailing attachments with Sendgrid can be found here.



Hi Julia,

From what I know so far, it sounds like the client wants a nicely formatted PDF with test data. This PDF report will include data from the test run as well as a raw csv file of the exported device data for a given time period.


Good afternoon Alexander,

I played around with SendGrid and was able to send myself a PDF with state data and a CSV, but it was not easily consumable for the average person. Example:

However, we do have a feature coming that can allow for this, I will update you when it is live!



Is that the Notebooks feature?


@paul_wareham @Alexander_Farley ,

Yes, that would be the Notebooks! You can read the documentation on Notebooks here, and the writing guide can be found here.