Timer node configuration by string template


It would be great to be able to set up a timers interval from a global variable or similar.

Eg, using advanced mode 0 */{{globals.myIntervalMinutes}} * * * *



You’re not the first person to ask for something similar to this - using globals or other variables in workflow triggers - but unfortunately this is something we’re a long way from supporting. Those global values are resolved at runtime, which means they have no value until the workflow actually kicks off, and in the case you describe, the timer is what is responsible for actually kicking off the workflow.

Haha, fair point. What if the global value was snapshot into the timer each time the workflow runs. So first time you deploy the workflow it grabs the globals value for the timers delay time. Then next time it wakes it uses the current value of the global at that time for the interval for next timer trigger. Ie, changing a globals value between runs of the workflow does not influence the timer.

I am OK for now with a fixed timer…

A work-around that would get you similar functionality would be to combine a Timer with a Delay Node.

Set the Timer to the maximum resolution, for example once-per-second.

You can then configure the delay by using a global value to get your desired result.

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Hi! This is a nice feature to have