Temporary Device Logger when offline and burst bunch of data when offline

hey losant development team…

So, i have a case when the cellular provider of my device is off(arduino + gsm Module), the payload that i send is just gone…Is there any way to save unsend payloads (to eeprom or sdCard) without using edge computing (directly from the device) and then burst it after the connection is back so the time series data is complete?


Hey @rake_silverrian,

Out of the box, only the Edge Agent provides an on-device way to save payloads when connection is lost, and then send them to the platform when connection is reestablished.

We do, though, have Batch Processing available. You would need to implement a way to save payloads on your device in your firmware, and once a connection is reestablished, send them to the Losant API as an array of payloads.

Thank you!

hey @Heath

Thankyou for your answer…i guest iam not deep enough yet in search for losant features. The batch processing that you suggest is the solution that i can work with :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:.