Task Scheduling Examples

Have there been any successful user task schedulers built using Losant?
I want my experience users to be able to schedule an event (maximum) once a day to send an MQTT message to a gateway to perform a task. Pointing to a resource that would help me implement this functionality would be awesome!


Hi @Leo_Bach1,

I have not seen the implementation of a scheduler from an experience, mostly because the Timer Node does not accept payload values, so having a dynamic start time is not possible. I think this could be done with a third party service, but I have not done it myself. It would be quite simple in a workflow to limit an event to maximum once a day, the problem lies in scheduling the event after the user triggers it.

There is currently a feature request here for this functionality, be sure to vote for it!

I will check with our engineers for any unique solutions they may have and follow up with any additional information.