[Solved] ValidationError: Invalid device id



I’m new at Losant.
I’m testing with Particle Photon following this link:

Apparently the integration with Particle works, but I keep getting this error.
What device id this error refer to? To particle device id ( From particle Web IDE )
the one you find at Device tab on the top right?
Thank you.


What is the error you are receiving? I don’t see one in your question. If you provide the error we should be able to help.


At debug tab, on top of the payload said:

Invalid device id:

  "device_to_update": null,
  "globals": {},
  "applicationName": "Moon",
  "flowName": "Moon Workflow",
  "flowId": "5c396a1deaf910000868d8b5",
  "flowVersion": "develop",
  "relayType": "integration",
  "relayId": "5c3969c5b6722e0007d0af60",
  "triggerType": "integration",
  "triggerId": "5c3969c5b6722e0007d0af60",
  "applicationId": "5c39691aeaf910000868d8b2",
  "data": {
    "temperatureF": "232.109890",
    "voltage": "1.611722",
    "name": "climate_reading",
    "coreid": "3e0039000247363339343638",
    "published_at": "2019-01-12T15:40:26.551Z",
    "ttl": 60,
    "data": "1.611722:232.109890"
  "time": "2019-01-12T15:40:28.880Z"


I’m assuming the device ID you’re trying to reference is at device_to_update on your payload, whose value is null in the snippet you provided. This would be the invalid device ID in question.

If you’re following the tutorial from the link you posted, then your “Device: Get” Node must not be returning a Losant device.

Can you paste screenshots of your Device: Get Node’s configuration as well as the tags you have applied to the device as you set it up in Losant?


Thanks for your help



It looks like your workflow screenshot didn’t come through; you do have the particle_device_id tag on your device, and it does match the value on your payload at data.coreid.

So in order to return that device in Losant, your Device: Get node should be configured exactly as it is in this screenshot from the article you mentioned in your original post. After that, you should have an object at the device_to_update payload path, off of which you can pull the Losant ID to use to update state in your workflow.

Let us know if you’re still having issues.


OK, everything is working fine.
The problem was that Device:Get node for some reason did not take correctly the settings.
I went back to edit it and it worked.
Thank you very much for tour help.


I just started with this platform.
I am able to send data to Losant but yet I am struggling to get the slider value on my Electrone code.
I understand that the slider should send itst value to the Broker but I do not find the way to set a variable
for the slider.
Can you give me some tip for do that?
Thank you in advance.