Invalid device ID

Invalid device id:

I keep getting this error even though the device name in the payload is same as the device being used. The body is well structured too. Is there a reason for this error?
I am using sigfox ready devices.

Thank you.

Hard to know based on the info provided. The first place to look is our Sigfox guide, which goes over connecting Sigfox devices to Losant.

The main thing to realize is the Sigfox and Losant have their own device ids. So to connect Sigfox and Losant, you need to use Losant device tags to tag each device with their Sigfox ID. You can then lookup the Losant device based on the incoming Sigfox ID. The article above describes how to create this mapping.

I did find out today that deviceId for Losant is based on a field inside their structure. After you create a Sigfox device like Brandon was saying, you can retrieve the device (Device: Get) based on the device tags, and if you check the box “Return tags as an object map instead of an array” and pass the object map then dump it into a debug you can see the fields that are returned in the object map. One of these fields returned is deviceId and it looks like a long hex string. You can then use that field in the Device State bubble.

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Thank you for the quick response.
I have already gone through the guide and it helped a lot understand how it works.
I will have to try it using object maps instead of an array as Alan said.
I’m only facing this problem for certain messages one of my devices.