[Solved] Toggle input always green

When I unlock an Input Control block and use some toggle inputs, the background is always green no matter which side it’s on:

It starts out with a grey background, but toggling it twice causes the green background to stay even in the “false” state.

Hi @Brian_Ritter, I’m having trouble reproducing your issue. Based on your description, I’m doing the following:

  • Create the block with two inputs that default to false and the block defaulting to “locked”.
  • Unlock block.
  • Quickly toggle either of the inputs back and forth between states.

I’ve tried starting with the block unlocked and some other combinations as well. Can you give me some additional information on steps to reproduce the issue? Also, please let me know your browser and browser version?

Edit: The issue is resolved in our staging environments and will be rolled out during our next release.

Thanks for the update. When is the next release scheduled to be rolled out?

The next release should be in early September. Thanks again for reporting the issue.

We just pushed out the release resolving this issue. Thanks for the bug report!