[Solved] Never Logged In



In my Experience Views User screen about half of the users Last Login shows (never logged in). It seems that in my Experience the system doesn’t show a user to have logged in until they have done so several times. Eventually the system will begin to properly reflect their Last Login.

Is there something I have done wrong in my Workflow perhaps?


Hi David,

I took the liberty of looking at your workflows for /create-account and /login. In your /create-account workflow you are generating a token after creating a user which is not the same as authenticating like in your login workflow. Once the Authenticate node is successful, the last logged in data point gets set for that particular Experience User.

This issue can be solved in two ways, either replace the Generate Token node on your /create-account workflow with an Authenticate Node since you already have their email and password and the authenticate node can return you a token, it just also checks that the email and password are valid. Or after creating the user, redirect them to /login to force them to log in.

Hope that helps,


Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed Erin. We will fix it this morning.


Hi Erin,

I’ve updated the /create-account workflow on David’s behalf and I’d appreciate if you could verify that I’ve done it correctly.



Hi Nathan,

I don’t think that will work, because you are trying to use the password from the Create Experience User Node result. The password needs to come from the original POST request that triggered the workflow. You can also test this by adding a Virtual Button to your workflow and adding fake data to mock the request.

Hope that helps,


So I should be using {{data.body.password}} then?


Hi Nathan,

Yes that is the original password from the body of the post.