[Solved] I would like to show text data (not a gauge) from a device


There doesn’t seem to be any way of displaying text from a device.

We have a number of pieces of data that don’t suit gauges, lists or graphs but would like to display them on a dashboard.

Any chance of a text block ?



We were just discussing adding this feature. What kind of text is it and roughly how long will the text be? Do you just want to display the last value or do something else?

Hi Brandon

Typically it’s the last value, 40-50 characters. Though we are aggregating some values into a single set of text.

We are currently using freeboard and some information we don’t need graphed, but need to see the numbers.

If you can send me a non forum contact I can send you a dashboard URL to show you what we are doing.
I don’t need to completely emulate freeboard (but it would be nice :wink:



Thanks Tim! You can shoot us an email at support@losant.com. Edit: nevermind, looks like we got it since you reached out for business account. Thanks!

I wanted a similar thing in my previous project: display the BSSID of WiFi access point. I ended up using a table to display latest entries, although I wanted only the last value.

FYI, a few months ago we released an Indicator Block feature that solves this problem.