[Solved] Http body template help

Hi .
I am struggling with this subject. And I need help please.
I have this minimal workflow with Mutate node with destination path in data.dataToSend

below http node (PUT) with body referrencing at {{data.dataToSend}} , the response claims for text object being empty. With “text” : “TEST” works.

But I cannot understand why with http node in body template is not getting the value assinged by Mutate. May be some images can clarify what I am trying to explain.

And the working reply with some text on it…


Dont know much about… thanks in advance

Maybe there’s more to your workflow than I can see in your screenshots, but …

  • You’re setting text to be the value at data.dataToSend but in your Mutate Node, you’re setting the text at data.textToSend.
  • If you want text to be sent as a string, you’ll need to wrap the Handlebars value in quotes. So it should be "text": "{{data.myValuePath}}"

Please let me know if these two things were the issue.

I cannot believe it… I’d never ever would guess that…
Thanks a lot, worked like a charm. thanks so much