Sending data from one losant application to another using webhook

I’m trying to send state data, when received, to another Losant application using a webhook, but body data is not showing up in the receiving application.

The Http node is using POST and body is {{data.body}}.
I have tried request headers being “accept: application/json” and “Content-Type application/json” but I must be missing something else.

Just tried Body template {{data.an1}} , which is an individual attribute name, and that worked !
Shouldn’t I be able to define the template as {{data.body}} as the entire object?


As always, please include as much information as you can, including screenshots of what you’ve tried.

When you are sending an entire JSON object in an HTTP request, you will likely need the jsonEncode helper.

So, you’d need to use {{jsonEncode data.body}} when sending the request.

Thank you,

That was it! Thanks

( I also didn’t need the .body)