[Solved] How to Monitor 48VDC Battery Voltage using Arduino Ethernet Shield W5100 on Losant



Please Team, I need help in getting a sketch/code to use on an Ethernet Shield W5100 with Losant to monitor a 48V DC Battery.

I have tried modifying the DHT22 Losant Temp monitor but no headway. Please help me with a code or a link where I can get it please Team.


An example of the Losant Platform working with the Arduino MKR1000 is shown here.

If the steps provided in the MKR1000 forum post do not work for you then you can provide more information:

  1. Provide a link to the Ethernet shield you are using.
  2. Provide a link to the Arduino board that you are using.
  3. What issues are you currently having?
  4. Can you provide your code?

I hope the above link to a recent forum post helps.