Simple temp/humidity sensors

I’ve deployed several these things in and around my house:

This is:

The dual base is necessary because the heat from the ESP8266 will distort the temperature readings on the DHT22 if too close together.

For the software, I’m using PlatformIO with the following libraries:

  • Adafruit-DHT (#19)
  • ArduinoJson (#64)
  • PubSubClient (#89)
  • Losant (#277)


Each one has a custom “Bonjour” domain name on my local network; foo.local, bar.local, and each has its own device ID.

PRO TIP: If deployed outside, wrap everything in clingfilm except the DHT22 itself. Mine recently survived a direct hit from a hose–the “humidity” readings were off for a couple hours–but still works great. :smiley:


That’s awesome! Do you have a public dashboard with the readings?

Here’s the dashboard. The “office” readings are currently coming out of a BMP180 attached to a Tessel, and are off by several degrees positive. I’m not sure if that’s my fault, or just cheap hardware.

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