Device Log Not Receiving Payloads


I’m using a NodeMCU board connected to a DHT22 sensor. I created a blank application and added a standalone device with attributes for humidity, tempF, tempC, heatIndexF and heatIndexC. I generate the keys and added them to my code in Arduino IDE. The device connects successfully to Losant as shown by the device log and prompted by the serial monitor in Arduino. However, the device log does not receive a payload with the temperature, humidity and heat index.
The sensor is working because I can see the data in the serial monitor and I know it’s not a problem with the code because it works for other people.
I attached screenshots of the serial monitor and the device log.

I would appreciate any help you can provide.

Device Log Screenshot

Hey @Pablo_Irusta,

Welcome to the Losant Forums, we’re very happy to have you!

Would you be able to send a snippet of your code that include the function that is reporting your data to Losant? A screenshot of your device attributes in Losant?

Have you been following along with this blog post? Are you using the Losant MQTT Library?

Having this extra information will help me narrow down the issue you’re facing.

Thank you,