[Solved] BAR Chart Block on dashboard shows "No data returned" for Last Received Data Point if value is 0



BAR Chart Block on dashboard shows “no data available” for Last Received Data Point if value is 0

For instance I am using a BAR Chart block to show the current RPM (last data point received) as a quick guide of the state of a collection of engines.

When they are not running it’s showing “No data returned” even though there are data points. They are just 0.
If I pick some other property that has either a negative or positive value the last data point is shown.

Looking at the last data point logged it definately has an RPM data point with a value of 0.

If I add a second data point to the graph that has a non zero value the the graph also shows data.

So it looks like a corner case where the BAR Chart block is treating 0 as no data. Rather than showing 0 if that the only data to show has a value of 0.

Which I think is different to “no data available”





You’re right; we were bitten by a value of 0 returning as no data.

We’ve resolved the issue in our staging environment. Worst case, the fix will make our next release, but we may be able to push a hot fix out before then. We’ll keep you posted.

Nice catch, and thank you for the thorough write-up of the problem. It helped us identify the issue before even looking at the code.



@Tim_Hoffman We just pushed this fix. The issue should be resolved.



Nice work.,

Thanks for the quick response.